Best Peach Blush according to Reddit

Best Peach Blush According to Reddit (2022)

What is Peach Blush Color?

Peach blush color is universally flattering.

Peach blush is a soft, pink orangey shade that is a popular alternative to pink or red blushes.

Peach blush is universally flattering on all skin tones and will make you look healthy and glowing.

Who Looks Good in Peach Blush?

Virtually anyone with neutral or warm/olive undertones will look good with peach blush on.

Even cool skin tones can wear peach blushes, just make sure it’s a pinky-peach as opposed to an orangey-peach.

Best Peach Blush for All Skin Tones

Redditor Killer-Barbie recommends cult-favorite NARS Orgasm blush for all skin tones:

“I bought it in March on a whim (I’m not a blush person) and it is wonderful! I use it all the time. My sister in law used it when she was over (and then my very dark toned aboriginal nephew who didn’t want to be left out) and we could not have different coloring. She’s very white, pink tones, blue eyes, red hair. I’m aboriginal, yellow toned skin, green eyes, brown hair.” — Killer-Barbie

Best Peach Blush for Light, Cool Skin

Reddit user TheyreMineralsMarie1 has MAC NW10 cool-toned pale skin and this is the peach blush they recommended:

Flower Beauty Flower Pots blush in Peach Primrose.” – TheyreMineralsMarie1

Best Peach Blush for Light, Warm/Neutral Skin

For pale warm/neutral skin, Redditor Lamiek recommends the peach-colored NARS Sex Appeal blush:

NARS Sex Appeal. My favourite blush hands down.”- Lamiek

Redditor axelALink also has light skin and these are the blushes they recommended:

Milani Luminoso and Wet n Wild Apricot in the Middle. I’m a light-skinned girl so I loooove me some peachy blushes.”– axelALink

Best Peach Blush for Light, Olive Skin

Redditor hauteburrrito has MAC NC20 olive skin and they recommend the Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk for a peachy glow:

Glossier Cloud Paints; these are super cute and really melt into the skin for a My Cheeks But Better feel; not as dewy as people make the out to be (they dry down satin); I’m personally a major fan of Dusk, a really flattering peachy brown.” — hauteburrrito

Reddit user cloverbeam who also has light olive skin likes the peach-colored Flower Beauty Blush Bomb Color Drops for Cheeks in Nectar.

Best Peach Blush for Medium, Cool Skin

Reddit user therealeddiemoney recommends the Milani Luminoso blush for cool medium skin tone:

Milani’s Baked Blush in Luminoso is a gorgeous iridescent orangey peach. One of my favorite blushes ever.”—therealeddiemoney

Reddit user lady_of_the_lac recommends this peachy L’Oreal blush in Fantastical for cool-toned medium skin:

“L’Oreal has a great peach blush called “fantastical”. It was a part of their peach collection but seems to now be a regular part of their line.” — lady_of_the_lac

Best Peach Blush for Medium, Warm Skin

Redditor murderousmood likes the Milani Coralina for MAC NC35 to NC40 skin tones.

Reddit user paurelay has this to say about the Becca Wild Honey blush:

“I would be an NC 41 if that shade existed with neutral/yellow undertones, and the Becca blush in wild honey is the closest I’ve gotten to a natural nude peach blush. It’s so natural looking and blends in perfectly with my bronzer!”

Best Peach Blush for Medium, Olive Skin

Redditor bushbanditbeauty recommends the NARS Gina blush for olive-toned medium skin:

“My favorite is NARS Gina, it is a very nice peachy colour on my NC30 skin.” – bushbanditbeauty

Best Peach Blush for Medium Dark Skin

Reddit user KukiMunstr recommends the E.l.f dark blush quad palette for medium dark skin:

“ELF has a real nice blush quad that is very pigmented.” — KukiMunstr

Redditor gogators5 has medium dark skin (MAC NC42 to NC45) and these are their blush recommendations:

“My HG blushes are the Clinique Cheek Pops in Ginger Pop and Peach Pop. These look unbelievably natural on the skin, which I think is especially important for WOC so that we don’t look “clownish” when wearing blush. Peach is perfect for the apples of the cheeks, and Ginger is perfect for a natural flush.” — gogators5

Redditor sxmeindianchick is NC42 and they recommend the MAC Melba blush:

“Mac melba is the most amazing natural looking blush on medium dark skin. You should try it out!” — sxmeindianchick

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