Maybelline SuperStay Skin Tint shade guide and undertones list

Maybelline Skin Tint Shades

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Maybelline SuperStay Skin Tint — what you need to know

Awesome foundation for oily and combi skin; skip if you have dry skin

If you have oily or combination skin and are looking for a lightweight foundation with good coverage, then look no further than Maybelline Skin Tint.

This foundation is pigmented enough that you only need a few drops to blur out blemishes and best of all, it looks like natural, glowy skin.

If you like the no-makeup look, I’d highly recommend you check out this foundation.

Use the shade guide below to find the correct Maybelline Skin Tint shade.

Maybelline Skin Tint shade undertones list

Maybelline Skin Tint shadeUndertone
Light shades
102neutral warm
120neutral warm
Light to Medium shades
220warm, subtle olive
Medium shades
310neutral cool
Medium Deep shades
322neutral, peachy
Deep shades
372neutral cool
374cool, brown
375neutral warm, brown

Maybelline Skin Tint Shades

Light shades

Light to Medium shades

Medium shades

Medium Deep shades

Deep shades

Maybelline Skin Tint Shade Chart

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