About Redmond Mom

Welcome to Redmond Mom!

Hi there! I’m Maureen and the creator of Redmond Mom.

Redmond Mom began in 2016 as a parenting resource site and over the years has evolved into a beauty website focused on finding the perfect foundation shade.

How It All Began

I was sick and tired of buying the wrong foundation shade for what seems like the millionth time. I’d look at the photos of the shade, read the description carefully, and still end up with a shade that’s completely wrong for me.

Then I discovered this fantastic megathread at r/MakeupAddiction where makeup aficionados listed all the popular foundation shades that matched their skin tones.

I wanted to make that super useful resource easier to use, so I extracted the shade info from the thread and sorted it by MAC shade and shared it with the world. The response was great, and I decided then to learn all I can about foundations and help others find their perfect foundation shade.

If you have a foundation problem, please reach out and let me know. I’m here to help!

About the RM Foundation Matcher

The Redmond Mom Foundation Matcher is the world’s most extensive user-driven shade database and is powered by real makeup users like yourself.

I understand that foundation wears differently on everyone and how tricky it is to pick the correct foundation shade. This is why Redmond Mom’s foundation matcher is based on real makeup user experience, something that no computer algorithm can beat.

Redmond Mom’s comprehensive foundation/concealer shade finders include foundation swatches and reviews that’ll help you select the correct shade and formula with confidence.

Redmond Mom’s mission

To empower each and every one with the tools to improve their lives. You are unique and your perspective counts. Redmond Mom is here to provide you with the knowledge to make that happen.

Contact Redmond Mom

I greatly value your feedback/suggestions. Please use the Contact form to reach out to me.