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What to eat when you don’t know what to eat (the ADHD version)

As a mom with ADHD, feeding myself and my family can be a challenge. I either don’t feel like cooking or nothing sounds appetizing. If that sounds like you, then read on.

My What-To-Eat Food Formula (works for non-ADHD people as well)

Over the years, I’ve solved this problem by using this formula to figure out what to eat:

Vegetable + Fruit + Protein + Carb

BroccoliApplesBeans and lentilsCorn
Green peasOrangesCheesePasta and noodles
CarrotsBananasNuts (whole and nut butters)Oats
ZucchiniBerries (fresh and frozen)ChickenRice
CucumbersAvocadoFish (fresh or canned)Sweet potatoes

I take 1 item from each row and then mix and match to pull together a meal. Or I’d look in the fridge and pantry to see which veg/fruit + protein + carb are available.

Here are some examples:

microwaved vegetables + egg + toast = breakfast

Microwaved vegetables and egg.
Microwaved steamed vegetables and egg

cheese + vegetables + crackers = no cook meal you can eat anywhere, anytime

This plate of cheese, salami, crackers, tomatoes and cucumbers takes a minute to put together.

green beans + pasta + canned sardines = dinner

Green beans, pasta with canned sardines.

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