Best Blush for Fair Skin, According to Reddit

Blush is one of the most underrated makeup products out there. There is no other makeup out there that can make you look healthy and youthful as quickly as blush can.

Finding the right blush for your skin tone, however, can be just as challenging as finding the correct foundation match.

So, we’ve turned to the makeup experts on Reddit to find the best blush for fair skin and sorted them by MAC foundation shade.

Pro Tip: Use the Right Brush

Before we dive into the best blush for pale skin, here is an important tip:

If your blush looks too intense, then you may want to reconsider the brush you use.

A large fluffy brush is best for distributing color and will make even the most pigmented blush go on evenly.

It’s also essential for blending out cream and liquid blush for a naturally flushed look.

e.l.f. Blush Brush

Redditor AloofSpoof recommends the super affordable e.l.f. blush brush:

“Elf blush brush. It’s sort of like a rounded paddle brush, but it isn’t dense. The bristles always pick up the right amount of product and blends it out beautifully on the skin. The actual shape of the brush is amazing because it fits right on the apples of my cheeks.” – AloofSpoof

Best Blush for Very Fair, Cool Skin

MAC NW10 skin tone. Click for NW10 foundation matches/equivalents.

Redditor ayimera has NC10/NW13 neutral/cool skin tone and they recommended the following blushes:

Clinique Cheek Pop in Pansy is one of my favorites. I apply with a sponge and it lasts all day. A very creamy hybrid powder. Really unique violet color that comes off more pink on my skin.” – ayimera

Jouer Blush Duo in Adore: An all around nice powder formulation, peachy-pink duo great for fair skin. Their bronzer for fair skin is also amazing (although a little too yellow leaning for me).“- ayimera

Redditor GodlyPumpkin has fair, cool toned skin and she recommended the Milani Romantic Rose blush as a bronzer. See more pics of her wearing the blush here.

Best Blush for Very Fair, Warm Skin

MAC NC15 skin tone. Click for NC15 foundation matches/equivalents.

Reddit user MollyWeasleySlays recommended the following blushes for their MAC NC15 skin tone:

Clinique Cheek Pop in Nude Pop. I love this formula, but Nude Pop is my favorite shade. It’s so glowy and I get compliments on my skin when I wear it. I’m thinking about trying out Ginger Pop next.

Benetint in Mango (Cha Cha Tint). This one was hard to figure out since a little goes a looong way. That being said, I realized if I put Benetint on under a sheer foundation, it gave me the most natural flushed look.”MollyWeasleySlays

Best Blush for Very Fair, Olive Skin

Reddit user RoryLoryDean has NC10 olive skin and here’s what they said about the following blushes:

Perfect blush for me is deep for playing up high contrast, but cool toned and slightly muted for enhancing undertones (Make a Mauve). Deep but clear blushes (Rosy Cheeks), deep but warm blushes (Exhibit A), and warm but heavily muted blushes (brick red etc.) also work.” – RoryLoryDean

“Maybelline Make a Mauve”

“MAC Rosy Cheeks”

NARS Exhibit A

Best Blush for Light, Cool Skin

MAC NW20 skin tone. Click for NW20 foundation shade matches/equivalents.

Redditor ndfehr has this to say about their favorite blushes for their cool-toned NW20 skin tone.

“I’m NW20 and have become obsessed with the MAC glow play blushes. I first bought Cheer Up and went back the next day to buy So Natural. They’re so lovely, the finish and the lasting power, I’m so impressed.” – ndfehr

Best Blush for Light, Warm Skin

MAC NC20 skin tone. Click for NC20 foundation shade matches/equivalents.

Redditor st0nefox is MAC NC20 and here’s what they said about their favorite blushes:

“MAC NC20. I love Mac’s Melba, Tarte’s exposed and glossier’s cloudpaint in dusk.st0nefox

Best Blush for Light, Olive Skin

Redditor hauteburrrito has MAC NC20 olive skin and they recommended the following:

Clinique Cheek Pops; really glowy and beautiful, like a gentle wash; my personal favourite is Pansy Pop (a lovely orchid shade)”

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes; another really glowy, buildable formula; great for mimicking a full flush; my absolute favourite is Dim Infusion, which looks like something out of a Renoir painting.” – hauteburrito

Best Blush for Light to Medium, Cool Skin

NW25 is a light to medium shade with cool/neutral undertones. Click to see NW25 foundation matches/equivalents.

Redditor Ecstatic-Chain-310 who has cool-toned light to medium skin recommends the NYX Sweet Cheeks Matte blush in So Taupe for contouring:

“I like Nyx Sweet Cheeks matte blush in So Taupe for my cool toned contour.” Ecstatic-Chain-310

Best Blush for Light to Medium, Warm Skin

MAC NC25 is a light to medium shade. Click to see NC25 foundation matches/equivalents.

For warm, light to medium skin tones that are around MAC NC25 to NC30, Reddit user ladidadidadoll recommended the following blushes for natural looking everyday blushes:

Flower beauty Nectar and Cinnamon is definitely good natural everyday blushes.”- ladidadidadoll

Best Blush for Light to Medium, Olive Skin

MAC NC30 is a light to medium shade. Click to see NC30 foundation matches/equivalents.

Redditor MsAggie recommends the following blushes for light to medium olive skin, around NC25 to NC30:

Hourglass Mood Exposure, Tarte Exposed, and Milani Nude Kiss.”- MsAggie

Best Blush for Light to Medium, Neutral Skin

MAC NC25 is a light to medium shade. Click to see NC25 foundation matches/equivalents.

For neutral skin tones that are light to medium or around MAC NC25, Reddit user emc2- recommends cult-favorite NARS Orgasm blush.

“My skin is light-to-medium and neutral. My all-time favorite is Nars Orgasm. It is the perfect shade for me, regardless of if I have a bit of summer tan or not.” – emc2-

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