13 Free, Year-round Kids Activities in Redmond

13 Free, Year-round Kids Activities in Redmond

Updated: 6/23/2022

[no_toc] Did you know there are plenty of free kids activities in Redmond?

From berry-picking and animal farms to kids workshops and tours, here is my list of the top year-round activities that don't cost a cent!

New Activities

Picnic and Cool Off at the Redmond Downtown Park

This is Redmond's newest park and it comes with a splash pad for kids! (Splash pad is open during summer months only.)

There are also plenty of tables and chairs, and seating near the splash pad.

Grab a meal from the nearby restaurants, bakeries, ice cream shop (all within easy walking distance) and have yourself a wonderful time in the park.

Keep an eye out for planned events like bazaars, music and food festivals.

Explore the Redmond Connector Park

This is another one of Redmond's newer developments and it's a beautiful green space adjacent to the Redmond Downtown Park and situated behind the Wood Block restaurant.

It doesn't look like much at first but we love the rolling hills with lavender (great for racing uphill and grass sliding!),  shaded seating, landscaped walkways and hidden trails full of bunnies and birds (we love doing an Easter egg/scavenger hunt there).

It's one of our favorite places in downtown Redmond for the kiddos to explore safely. This park is also an easy walk to the Sammamish River Trail.

There are also plenty of public and garage parking nearby.

1. Explore the Sammamish River Trail

Sammamish River Trail

The Sammamish River Trail is full of wildlife. Can you spot the heron?

The Sammamish River trail is one of the treasures of Redmond! This 11-mile long fully-paved trail is accessible for strollers and wheelchairs, and heavily used by commuters, runners, bicyclists and pedestrians 

This trail is also wonderful for spotting wildlife! We’ve spotted river otters, herons, eagles, nutria, coyotes, bob cats, rabbits, ducks, geese, salmon, deer, snakes and more! 

On a clear day, you can also spot Mt. Rainier and the Cascades! 

Things do on the Sammamish River trail:  

  • blackberry-picking during summer 
  • kayaking  
  • watch salmon run at one of the several bridges (September and October) 
  • hike or trail run up the Powerline Trail  
  • walk to Marymoor Park or the Redmond Town Center 
  • feed the ducks at Luke McRedmond Landing 
  • enjoy a picnic at the City Hall green lawn 
  • use the exercise equipment in front of the Redmond Senior Center 
  • bike or walk

2. Visit the Farrel-McWhirter Farm Park

Farrel-McWhirter Farm Park

This is a great park for little kids! This unique park houses an animal farm where lots of cuddly farm animals like miniature pigs, sheep, bunnies and ponies live.

There’s also a short, kid-friendly hiking trail and a small, but adequate playground.

Park hours: open from 7am to dusk, daily.

Admission: Free

3. Chill at the Redmond Library

This is not a huge library but there are plenty of kid’s books and computers available.

It’s clean and well-run, and the children’s section has plenty of comfy seating where you can sit to read to your child.

Weekly story times are held in various languages (Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi) and by age group (Infant, Toddler and Preschool).

Click here for scheduled library events.

I’ve attended several story time events and found them to be well-run and very popular with local parents.

There’s also a nice grassy area for kids to run around right by the library parking lot.

Click here for library hours.

4. Visit Marymoor Park

Marymoor Park Audobon Trail

Marymoor Park’s Aubudon Trail (next to the off-leash dog park) is a short, stroller-accessible trail that’s great for toddlers.

This huge park is full of stuff to do! We like to come here and just explore. There are playgrounds, picnic areas, hiking and walking trails, an off-leash dog park (great for dog-watching if your kid likes dogs), a climbing wall, wide open fields for kite flying or drone flying, ball fields and tennis courts!

There are also drive-in movies, concerts and Cirque du Soleil performances!

Here is Marymoor Park's list of events.

Good to know: there’s a $1 parking fee. Credit cards are also accepted.

5. Play at Sixty Acres Park

Looking for wide open spaces to unleash your toddler? Or a place to launch your homemade rocket and test out a new kite?

If so, then look no further than Sixty Acres Park, a huge park with 25 soccer fields and lots of wide open space.

The flat open terrain is perfect for Frisbee, soccer, and just plain running about. If you are lucky, you might catch a few rocket launches!

Good to know: there's plenty of free parking at this park

6. Play and Explore Grass Lawn Park

Grass Lawn Park

This is one of the best parks for families in Redmond! There are 2 playground areas, sand pit, ball fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, splash pad (open during summer), climbing walls, picnic areas (lots of people host birthday and graduation parties here) and a short hiking trail (located off the rear parking area).

Good to know: there are 2 parking lots but spaces can be limited on nice weather days.

7. Swim and Picnic at Idylwood Beach Park

Idlywood Beach Park

Playground with a view! This beautiful park is right on the shores of Lake Sammamish and is a wonderful gathering spot for the whole family.

We love watching the water while our kid plays at the large awesome playground or swim in the calm shallow water. During the summer, there may be a lifeguard on duty as well.

In summer, we love plunking our little one on the sand with her sand toys, while we relax and watch the swimmers and ducks.

During the colder months, the park is quieter and becomes a tranquil oasis for walkers, anglers and winter swimmers.

Good to know: during the summer, parking is limited at the main lot. Fortunately, there's a overflow parking lot nearby (look for signs when you get there).

8. Play and Sunbathe at Anderson Park

This little park may be small but it’s conveniently located in downtown Redmond and the playground area has plenty of swings, slides and bars to keep the kiddo happy. There's also a little sand pit for the kiddos.

Not a spectacular park by any means but great if you are looking for a playground in the downtown area.

There are also grassy lawns for picnics and sunbathing, and public restrooms.

Parking is somewhat limited: there's street parking around the park and some spaces shared with the church nearby.

9. Shop and Cool Off at the Redmond Town Center

Splash pad at the Redmond Town Center.

Ok this mall is not going to win awards for its selection of stores (come back REI!) and the fact that it is an open-air mall might make shopping a little less pleasant during the colder months. (2022 update: but it's awesome during the pandemic!)

It is, however, absolutely fantastic for kids! There are lots of safe areas for kids (please keep an eye on your little ones near the streets as there's lots of road traffic), including a water splash pad (open during the summer months), and a super fun Sound Park with musical instruments for your child to play with. (2022 update: it looks like the Sound Park is currently closed for construction.)

There are also plenty of dining options, games and candy stores and a bookstore for some fun browsing.

The Town Center also frequently hosts family-friendly events, including a Halloween Trick or Treat event. (2022 update: looks like it's been canceled due to the pandemic.)

There's also free WIFI, nursing lounge and family restrooms galore.

Other free amenities include a free jumpstart if your car battery dies!

Check out the full list of Redmond Town Center events here.

10. Hike the Evans Creek Preserve

This nature preserve has lots of easy hiking trails, and some are stroller and wheelchair accessible, which makes hiking with young children and the elderly a breeze.

The trails are well marked, which makes it difficult to get lost here.

There’s also plenty of nature to enjoy here: babbling brooks, blackberries, woodpeckers, moss laden trees and wildflower meadows.

Good to know: parking is limited here on nice weather days. There are public restrooms.

11. Go Crafting at the Redmond Home Depot

Did you know your local Home Depot offers free kids workshops? These workshops are super fun and educational, and best of all, your kid gets to go home with a finished craft!

Home Depot offers different workshops every month. Check out the workshop schedule at the Redmond Home Depot.

12. Check out the Redmond Fire Station Tours and Ride-Alongs

Redmond Fire Truck

Does your little one dream of being a firefighter? Are you curious about how the inside of a fire truck look like? If so, then sign up for a fire station tour and ride-along!

The Redmond Fire Station offers crew-led tours where you’ll get to explore the station and learn more about what fire fighters do. It’s super educational and your kid is bound to have a blast!

Click here to arrange for a tour and ride-along. (2022 update: tours might be suspended during the pandemic, so check this page before you go.)

13. Visit the Microsoft Visitor Center

Located in Microsoft’s sprawling campus, this visitor center is a one-of-the-kind tourist stop in Redmond. It’s not going to knock your socks off but hey, for a company museum, it’s pretty decent.

There are video games for kids and interesting exhibits that’ll entertain the whole family. You’ll learn all about the history of Microsoft (complete with dorky photos of its founders), and upcoming innovations and products.

Stop by the company store for some Microsoft products and trinkets before you go!

Click here for the Microsoft Visitor Center hours.

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