Rainy day activities for kids

100+ Rainy Day Activities for Kids (that’ll keep everyone sane)

[no_toc] Who says rainy days can’t be fun? After the wettest ever winter we’ve had here in Seattle, we decided we weren’t going to let another rainy day spoil our fun.

So we’ve come up with an epic list of rainy day activities for kids that’ll keep everyone happy when it’s wet out there.

Who knows, you might even look forward to rainy days with your kids!

17 Rainy Day Crafting Activities for Kids

Crafting is a low effort way to spend a rainy afternoon. Read my article about rainy day crafting activities for kids.

13 Rainy Day Activities to Feed the Brain for Kids

Rainy days are great for quiet study and mind-expanding science experiments. Read my article about rainy day activities to feed the brain for kids.

3 Rainy Day Motor Skills Activities for Kids

Physical exercise is a great way to burn off excess energy on rainy days. Read my article about rainy day motor skills activities for kids.

7 Rainy Day Indoor Games for Kids

Time for some family fun! Forget about board games and try these simple activities instead! Read my article about rainy day indoor games for kids.

15 Rainy Day Pretend Play Activities for Kids

Research has shown repeatedly that pretend play is highly beneficial for kids from the ages of 2-6 years old. Read my article about rainy day pretent play activities for kids.

4 Rainy Day Cooking Activities for Kids

Kids of all ages love to help cook, so put these little hands to work! Read my article about rainy day cooking activites for kids.

16 Rainy Day Sensory Play Activities for Kids

Sensory play is a wonderful way for kids to learn about their world. Read my article about rainy day sensory play activities for kids.

12 Rainy Day Quiet Time Activities for Kids

Need a break? Try these quiet time activities that your child can do on their own so you can enjoy a cup of tea or take a breather. Read my article about rainy day quiet time activities for kids.

11 Rainy Day Outdoor Activities for Kids

Don’t let the weather stop you from heading outdoors! Read my article about rainy day outdoor activities for kids.


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