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4 Rainy Day Cooking Activities for Kids

[no_toc] Too wet to play outside? Head to the kitchen for some fun! Kids of all ages love to help cook, so put these little hands to work!

Let them handle bread dough, cut out cookies, slice fruit (with a butter knife), measure out liquids, and transfer ingredients from bowl to bowl.

1. Bake something

Try cut-out cookies, healthy muffins, banana bread and granola. 

Or make our family favorite: this simple one-pan King Arthur chocolate cake.

Go super effortless and use a cake mix!

Either way, your family will love the results.

For younger kids, simply pull up a chair and let them watch you bake.

Hand them some dough and a rolling pin to play with.

Older kids can help measure out the sugar and flour, and help mix everything up.

2. Jam time

Got some berries lying around? Let your child help turn it into jam! 

Toddlers can help wash and cut (with a butter knife) the fruit.

Older kids can measure out the sugar, and even stir the jam (under adult supervision of course) while it cooks.

Serve the jam with yogurt or toast. Check out this easy, 3-ingredient, no-pectin strawberry jam recipe.

3. Make pizza

Don’t bother making your own crust if you are pressed for time.

Just use pita bread or naan for quick pizzas.

Put out bowls of cheese, chopped veggies and sauce and let your child top their own pizza.

Bonus: they’ll be more apt to eat the food they’ve made!

4. Jellies

Kids are fascinated by the wobbly texture of Jell-O and agar (vegetable gelatin).

Make fruit jelly cups by preparing Jell-O or agar powder as instructed, and pouring it into ramekins or cups.

Drop in pieces of fruit and chill until set.

Turn it in a fun sensory activity by filling a large bowl or tub with Jell-O.

Let them squish to their heart’s content!

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