Kosas concealer swatches and shade finder

Kosas Concealer swatches and shade finder

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All about Kosas Revealer concealer

Are you looking for your Kosas Revealer Concealer shade? In this Kosas shade finder, we’ll show you Kosas concealer swatches and help you find the right Kosas concealer color match.

Kosas Revealer concealer review

Kosas Revealer concealer is a concealer that promises to cover both under eye circles and acne spots. Here’s what you need to know about this bestselling concealer.


  • medium coverage concealer that can be used under eyes and over blemishes and age spots
  • helps brighten skin and doesn’t crease
  • lightweight texture with a natural-looking, dewy finish that lasts all day
  • creamy formula with built in eye cream, which is beneficial for undereye area and dry, mature skin
  • contains Arnica and Panthenol to soothe skin breakouts
  • impressive shade range — comes in 28 different shades, including several for olive skin tones!


  • not full coverage so you won’t get a flawless look on trouble areas, but coverage will look extremely natural
  • many shades look quite warm/yellow

Tips on finding the correct Kosas concealer shade

Kosas Revealer concealer provides natural-looking coverage for blemishes and dark circles.

If you are using the concealer to cover dark eye circles, we recommend using one that is at least 1 shade lighter than your exact skin tone for a brightening effect.

For scars and blemishes, use the shade that matches your exact skin tone.

How to use this shade finder

First look for your skin tone depth (Light, Light-medium, Medium, Medium-Deep, Deep and Very Deep).

Then find your undertone (Olive, Cool, Warm, Neutral) to find your correct Kosas concealer shade.

Kosas concealer swatches

Light shades

Light, Neutral

Light, Cool

Light, Warm

Light, Olive

Light-Medium shades

Light-Medium, Warm

Light-Medium, Cool

Medium shades

Medium, Warm

Medium, Olive

Medium, Neutral

Medium-Deep shades

Medium-Deep, Olive

Medium-Deep, Warm

Medium-Deep, Neutral

Medium-Deep, Warm

Medium-Deep, Olive

Deep shades

Deep, Warm

Deep, Cool

Deep, Neutral

Very Deep shades

Very Deep, Warm

Very Deep, Neutral

Kosas Concealer shades chart

Image credits: www.amazon.com, www.kosas.com

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