Flying with a Toddler

Flying with a Toddler: The Ultimate Guide

As someone who routinely takes 20 hour flights with a toddler, I'm here to tell that flying with a toddler is something you can do, too.

No, it won’t be like traveling before you had kids. But with a bit of prep, you’ll survive the flight and create wonderful memories with your little one. 

Need another reason to start travelling with your kid? Research has shown that travelling does wonders for little brains. So take the plunge and book the tickets!

Oh, pick-up some tips for flying with kids, and read this in-depth guide before you go!

When your little one is running around while you’re trying to pack for your trip, being able to check items off your list ensures you have what you need for your trip when you're flying with a toddler. 

This is a tricky item to pack. It’s bulky and a pain to haul around, but essential in many cases when you're flying with a toddler. 

A small, collapsible stroller can be very useful, depending on the situation. 

I used an Ergo (toddler carrier) and it was great for going through airport security and trudging through a busy airport when you're flying with a toddler. 

Going on a trip and worrying about what to feed your little one? 

How do in-flight bassinets work? Are stopovers a good idea when flying with a toddler? What exactly do you need to do at the airport security checkpoint? 

Should you breastfeed or formula feed a child on the plane? Which is easier? 

Are you trying to figure out how to handle a potty-trained toddler’s toilet needs on the plane? Or the best way to change a diaper during a flight? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! 

If you accept that flying with a toddler can have its uncomfortable moments, but that millions of parents have done the same and lived to tell the tale, then you’ll end up just fine. 

I had good luck with plenty of suggestions, but some just did not work out for me. 

Resources for Flying with a Toddler

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