Airplane Bassinet Tips

Airplane Bassinet Tips

Airplane bassinet requirements

An airplane bassinet is only for infants or young toddlers that meet certain weight and height limits. These limits vary so it helps to do your research.

You’ll also need to call the airline to reserve a bassinet and bulk head seat, something I recommend you do as soon as possible after booking your tickets.

Are airplane bassinets right for you?

Bassinets are especially useful for lap infants. Your kid gets a comfy crib to sleep in and you’ll get to rest your arms.

Call the airline before your flight to secure a bulkhead seat and bassinet.

Using an airplane bassinet

If you’d requested a bassinet, a flight attendant will install it at the wall facing your bulk head seat. This usually takes place after the seat belt sign has been turned off.

Bassinets usually have a safety belt that goes across the infant’s waist when they are lying down, and you should keep that fastened during the flight.

The bassinet will be taken down by a flight attendant before landing.

Pro tip

Ask for a couple of extra blankets to line the bassinet to create a comfortable sleeping surface for your child.

My infant, who’s never been a great sleeper on land, has always slept really well in airplane bassinets. I suspect it’s due to the coziness of the bassinet, the loud white noise generated by the jet engines and plain travel exhaustion.

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