N4 to N5 Foundation Matches

Buying foundation is such a hit or miss thing for me. Somehow I always end up with a shade that’s completely wrong for me. And then I discovered this fantastic megathread at r/MakeupAddiction where the makeup aficionados there listed all the popular foundation shades that matched their skin tones.

I wanted to make that super useful resource easier to use, so I’ve extracted the shade info from the thread and sorted it by MAC shade.

The full list contains all the MAC shades.


If N4 is too light for you and N5 is too dark for you, these foundation shades might suit you:

Benefit Hello Flawless! Foundation  “I’m Pure For Sure” Ivory
MAC Studio Fix Powder N4 or N5
Neutrogena Skin-Clearing Foundation  Natural Ivory (I20)
Skin 79 Intense Classic SPF 35++ BB Cream no shade

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